Hear It’s Tap


As I looked to the sky today the clouds seemed to carry depths I do not know

A storm quietly warming a familiar heart ache that arrives from a distant shore

Quiet yourself

Do you hear its tap

Can you feel its pull

Weighted complexity seemed to be grieving in the skies

Equal as they dance and fight

The harsh poetic beauty of the struggles between the darkness and the light

I sat by the river under that sky breathing in the clouds and all that she spoke

In my silence unpredictable currents thrashed me about, swallowing me whole


It was as if the sky was trying to tell me something

All those clouds that seemed to carry depths I do not know

My heart so very grateful of the river today

Reminding me to trust her flow

~Alisa Hutton



In our solitude, incredible uninhabited space

That voice that speaks

The only one

We need to listen

Our heart is knowing and has beautiful intuition

Vulnerable chambers will crack open in breathtaking pain

Given fresh perspective, offers of chance to nurture and heal

Echoes of regret and hardship poke at our most vulnerable fears

The choice to show up or run far away

Equally near

Surrounded by those who live by telling us how we should behave

They speak of who we should love and how we should feel

I know only this

Clarity is found deep in me, you and what is real

It may feel uncomfortable, lonely and press on a nerve

Solitude will whisper

The love we deserve

~Alisa Hutton

Shallow Waters



Inhaling sadness

Exhaling only to make room for more

Laying still in her shallow waters

Lapping tides remind her she has felt the wash before

Blinking once

A familiar passerby walks around her, not to lose path of their own linear destination

Blinking twice

A second familiar passerby walks over her, not to interrupt their better path of linear destination

She closes her eyes only to be awoken by those lost on the belief of linear destination

Exhaling she makes room for more

Circular upwards, a lesson we all eventually learn

Like leaves blowing in the wind

She leaves them to lay alone in their destined shallow waters

~Alisa Hutton