Placed before me, moments

Greeting each with gratitude

Even the uncomfortable and unknown

Inhaling, a note is left to seed

Exhaling, a note is left to seed

Growing the same message; now is joy

My heart is my only home

It is full of sunshine and abundant bloom

My mind simply there to gently remind me to always go back to where I belong

This morning resting in myself

Love called me back home

~Alisa Hutton

My Morning Pleasure



Closing my eyes

Today I visited a held space

In a moment

In the quiet of my senses where truth gently speaks

There you were

Pressed in my heart

Wrapped in my thoughts making me smile

I ponder

Is this story

An unexpected gift or a mutually wished upon treasure?

I do know but if one thing is for certain


My morning pleasure

~Alisa Hutton