Intended Child

intended child

The intended child born of great story

Marital fiction sprinkled with good looks

Welcome to the new age of genetic folklore

Raised in proper and pressed dresses that stand in stiff form

Opinion was taught and told in stern

Dear child do as I say, not as I do

Freedom of thoughts are told to stand in the corner or shown the door

The intended child came as such a disappointment

So full of life

Not part of the familial order

A mind and soul, values and beliefs, something the off spring were never to be shown

The intended child such a shameful face of the perfect lineage

The wax families personal disgrace

A little girl who was supposed to listen because of the nobility of her last name

Perhaps when they decided to step on her spirit

Is slightly more to blame

~Alisa Hutton

May I

true love

A clear winter night, the moon dancing over the ocean seemingly dusted with magic

The crisp air biting with nervous anticipation

May I kiss you now?

I am sorry the moon is not hanging quite right, you will need to wait as the moon and I have a special relationship

As they bid goodbye she thought maybe there is still hope

May I kiss you now?

I am sorry I am far too tired you will need to ask me when I feel more rested, perhaps try another season

Walking side by side in the park on a perfectly temperate romantic spring day

Tulips and daffodils in perfect sway the moment seemed right and the season surely better

May I kiss you now?

I caution you the spring is never the right time to make such commitments

Spring is the time for bloom, the flowers and I need our space to grow

Sitting on the beach with the summer sun warming their backs and sand romantically sticking to their souls

May I kiss you now?

Summer is the time for travel I must leave you and this place in order to feel truly free

Fall arrives with a muted grey, alone watching the fire

Breathing in the dull comfort and safety of being alone

The doorbell rings

I have finished wandering and done all that I have needed to

Can I sit beside you and watch the fire, can you ask me once more?

Before I do, answer me this

Why have you made me wait so long?

Romance is beautiful, commitment long but as the seasons pass only that of a true love will remain consistent and strong

May I kiss you now?

~Alisa Hutton

Young Love

teen love

The end of dramatic young love

Her, 17 with bunny boiler sharp focus on attainment

Him, an 18 year old boy dripping in good looks and an ever present bulge in his trousers

Surrounded by their pimpled peers he swept his manly locks to the side and bid her farewell

Hand up, he was done with her shit

As the gaggle of teen onlookers gasped in horror

The end of a long term relationship of ten and a half months

She threw her long arms in the air tossed with greivous screams and tears

“If I can’t be with you I want to die!”

She ran towards the ocean to drown herself in the end of her love

Fill her lungs with the salty water of his betrayal

She ran fast

She ran long

She ran far

It was low tide

She tripped and fell in 12 inches of water

Shallow love and shallow water

All it does is ruin your makeup

Romeo and Juilet eventually married other people, then divorced, then married again

Twenty five years later without fail every time I hear the word shallow water

I giggle at young love

~Alisa Hutton