Empty Vessel


Those of perpetual darkness

Seemingly, anger the only journey that rattles their empty vessel back to life

Engines on full, their blind folds on tight

Pointing their sharp bow where ever the hell they like

Drilling holes in lifeboats of those they supposedly love

Spewing hateful words until the weight sinks us all

Harshly navigating waters with salted spite

The fog created by the drinks needed to keep them “light”

Detestation of all things untainted and pure

Abomination for all they do not control

Bitter for what they perceive the world has done to them

The target always me and you

Zero awareness they are the dysfunctional glue

So many years of walking on egg shells, navigating the eyes of rage in total fear

Unannounced and never understood

I sit on my beach watching you leak toxic oil into your unpredictable sea

An empty vessel who will never be free

~Alisa Hutton