Purely Showing

finally known.jpg

There is no mistaking her

She stands poised in a room

Not a plot of land she is interested in buying but could easily own

Taught well, bred better, manicured in good form

Step out of your manners and try to interrupt her wake

You will not be graced with rippling her deep waters

More likely left with a placid polite smile

Two dances she knows well, that of the ignorant and equally, those who are socially formed

She is not the shoes she was told to wear or a princess that lost her glass slipper rushing to get home

Long ago before they told her who she was, she felt she was something more

Her curious warm smile

Seemingly allows space and time to float on its own

A beautiful opening, an almost suspension of the surround

A drag in your consciousness reminding you of home

Gracing herself social pause from all she wished she didn’t know

Her eyes drift quietly in a room full of laughter and roar

Pay attention, for it is during this time

Who she is will be felt deeply in your soul

If you watch with tender sight and gentle ease

Her eyes will speak, no words will be needed

Only a comfortable knowing

In just a glance, a passing moment

Her heart

Purely showing

~Alisa Hutton

17 thoughts on “Purely Showing

  1. Wow, Alisa, what a beautiful poem! I read through it too quickly at first and caught myself, sensing this was not meant to be a quick read at all. Rather, it is one that rewards the still mind of an attentive reader with a beautiful story of a woman. I look forward to catching up more deeply with your writing in one of the upcoming weeks! S

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  2. Alisa, a marvelous unwinding and weaving. You are a true artist with words. I love the descriptive images you portray! By reading just two of your works I can see you are a master at an ending! I can also see that reading your works is going to be a very addictive experience, something I may need to take in careful doses!! LOL! The only thing that would make this piece better would be if I could close my eyes and envision the images by listening to you read it in an audio embed. Any chance of that???

    I have just met you but it seems that I always see your photo icon on posts that I like only much later than you found them. So, how do you get to the party so early??? Ha!


      • Hey, I understand about the audio. I will probably have a friend with a radio voice do mine if and when I get ready for it. It is really a rush to be able to close your eyes and hear the words of a poem recited!

        I Love your spirit! Never say, never! Bravo! My question was – You never get if you never ask! Ha!
        Just checking my blog and You are putting a huge lead on me when it comes to checking back catalogs. I can barely see You dust off in the distance!!! I think I’m the tortoise in this project! Ha!

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      • I really love listening to them, too:) I never considered having a friend do it. Good idea. Tortoise is ok:) Poetry should be savoured. I just have a little time to read so I devour when I have a moment’s to lol. Makes me happy to have blogs like yours to read:)

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