Glass Jar

Glass Jar

I put you in a glass jar tucking you away on my deepest shelf

My reason?

Curiously, to keep me safe and my best memories warm

I peered in every so often to check and see if you were still present and well adored

A dangerous balance

Close and an arm’s length away

The jar gave me what I needed

Reflective of what life had taught me at the time

Space and a soundless reminder of who I am

Values that reside steady and strong as much as they will long

What I didn’t understand

The jar that kept you deep inside my heart

What I didn’t quite see

Was that I simply needed

To set you free

~Alisa Hutton

19 thoughts on “Glass Jar

      • Well that what art is for Alisa. Sorry to be a pain but I am pestering everyone about my last poem, it is long, definitely NSFW and different style (well kind of). I am seeking opinion because I am really not sure it works and opinion seems divided. It is called A Curious Quaint Appeal, maybe you did see it. Anyway sorry to bother.

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      • I just read it:) I really like it! I am not scared away from longer poetry, I quite like it actually. I thought it was really so nicely textured. Brings the reader right along on the journey. My opinion -thumbs up! I always enjoy your work though so I might be bias lol.

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      • Thank you… I am usually more of a lyric than a narrative poet (my stories are the other way round) but I thought I would give it a go. Thanks for the comment and taking the time out to read it. Much appreciated. Glad you are biased as well.

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  1. This was such a wonderful and profound poem!! An eloquent expression of the way our hearts so often keep us bound to the past and unwilling to let go and reach for the future! Gold Stars for You!!! Just a masterful work!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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  3. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Please Welcome Alisa Hutton with her poem “A Glass Jar” from her site – A very thoughtful and reflective piece on how some of us handle memories and past relationships and how we might want to in the future. Please read this great poem from Alisa.

    Please check out her site and also my Back Catablogging Report on Alisa’s Works on Enjoy!


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