In our solitude, incredible uninhabited space

That voice that speaks

The only one

We need to listen

Our heart is knowing and has beautiful intuition

Vulnerable chambers will crack open in breathtaking pain

Given fresh perspective, offers of chance to nurture and heal

Echoes of regret and hardship poke at our most vulnerable fears

The choice to show up or run far away

Equally near

Surrounded by those who live by telling us how we should behave

They speak of who we should love and how we should feel

I know only this

Clarity is found deep in me, you and what is real

It may feel uncomfortable, lonely and press on a nerve

Solitude will whisper

The love we deserve

~Alisa Hutton

8 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Love this; it hits close to home. Have you ever read the writings of umm…Ralph Waldo Emerson or Thoreau? Both seem to have an appreciation of solitude – and many other things – that resonates rather well. Haven’t read Thoreau myself [yet] but plan to on the future, and only know about him through cursory glances at quotes and other people’s commentary, but he seems to be a similar minded person. Now Emerson and me get along juuuuust fine. If you haven’t looked into his work here are some of Emerson’s quotes

    Let me ask you another question, do you think solitude can only be accomplished by yourself, or anyone can do it anywhere any time? Like for instance, just because a person is with people doesn’t mean they can’t feel solitude [in a good way], and just because a person is alone doesn’t mean their mind won’t be spinning ceaselessly?

    Your poem just made me think about a lot of what happens in my mindscape so to speak, and couldn’t help but think about a ‘bajillion’ things ha.

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    • Emerson yes, not Thoreau but now I will lol. I do think solitude can be accomplished with anyone or any where. I would almost lean towards thinker/creative types maybe naturally do this in a way. I do think though when a person truly understands solitude and appreciates it they will naturally reserve time for it (alone) and also tend to spend time with people of the like. I think especially for thinkers, creatives, sensitive people solitude is almost a way of expanding and contracting and it becomes almost like breathing.

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