I Am


I was not born to be polite and adapt my being to meet your level of conformity

I was not born to grow my hair, paint my face and shape my body to fit your ideals of beauty

I was not born to speak in a quiet, regulated tone and only utter careful words to fit the walls of your voice

I was not born to gingerly harness my thoughts and curiosity to dance to the structure of your ideas alone

I was not born to walk cautiously or run in fear because your legs are more important than mine


I was born kind, strong, fragile and authentic and of so much more

I have no walls or box to fit in to

I fly high above without barriers and on my own

I was born beautiful, look in my eyes and drink my smile if it is me you truly want to know

Age, society and magazine covers define nothing and frame antiquated ideas of long ago

I was born with raging intellect and a thirst to feel, learn and grow

I do not hold hands with those who can see nothing more

You are not welcome to come for dinner, my table is set for those of substance

My food is for us alone

I was born to dance, run and move my soul as it is free

I have no need to puppet myself because I am standing on your perceived floor


I am me

I am a woman

Don’t let your preconceived notions of that hit your ass on the way out the door


~Alisa Hutton


28 thoughts on “I Am

  1. This resonates so well Alisa! Wrote a post about friendship about a week ago, and how it seems to be a cheapened word. What you say about people of substance reminded me of that. And heck, just about every single line I’m nodding along like YEP! Its true, though. In a society where making ‘friends’ seems to be only a ‘click’ away, it seems that people have forgotten [if they ever knew?] what real friendships mean. My FAVORITE part is that you say you don’t fit into any box, and you’re not a conformist.

    In researching parts of conformity for a future post, am seeing more and more of this in society and in different ways. It seems that if people don’t fit into someone’s particular preconceived slots, then they’re gotten rid of for nigh no reason other than they don’t fit into the conceptual box of those pushing conformity. It’s very sad and its making a lot of relationships hyper-superficial but worse, its making people’s individual authentic freedoms a thing of the past in some circles.

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    • Thanks, Zy. As I often seem to say my life is a bit of a happy accident lol. Just the structure of my life the last years, my time hasn’t been as flexible or available. It has given me a lot of time to really look at my relationships (and me) and the dynamic of them. I guess it has shifted me from that place from quantity to quality. It has turned out to be such a gift for me having so little free time, who knew lol. It is such a simple concept really but so elusive to so many. We live in a society (at least in the western world) that really lends to fitting in to boxes, which I think leaves many people with an over arching feeling of not fitting in any where. Suffocating for connection and growth I think. I think most people eventually figure it out, it just takes bumps in life to recognize the shift that is needed. We need to bring back some old school socialization lol. Get off the technology and to-do list train and have actually conversations.

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      • Completely get what you’re saying Alisa. Socializing just isn’t what it used to be! Not that you can’t socialize these days. Heck, its EASIER to socialize, and yet, meaningful conversations on things that matter [like this] are rarely ever had. And when they are had, it seems people are arguing instead of conversing. It makes me miss ‘the good old days’. Then again, perhaps the point is for people to go through it so they can learn [evolve] – as a society and as individuals – where meaningful circumstances lie. You know, it just struck me, I always saw as finding meaning in things/relationships/etc. as something that you just do, ponder, etc. But I never thought about it as a skillset. Thinking about everything we’ve been chatting about these last few days makes me think that perhaps these days it’s something you develop rather than something that you just have. Or something like that! If you do think about it, it does take a set of skills [wouldn’t know what to call them? Social skills? Meaningful social skills] to discern a quality individual from a non-quality individual. And the interesting conundrum is that when we first meet people, we all usually put our best foot forward, no? So it makes sense that it would be harder for some to see through what might be superficiality and what the veil that follows people acting how they do. All of this really makes me wonder where we will be in 10/20/50 years from now.

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      • I do think it is an evolution. I just read an article on the development of maturity and it really spoke to much of what you just said. I think maybe people are born with different levels of curiosity, empathy etc, then influenced by many things but regardless I think it does evolve. Where to, how far and how fast is up to us. I think it is meaningful to different people at different times and for different reasons. Hopefully we all evolve though;)


      • Certainly! Heck, if we’re not here to climb that ladder what are we here for?

        You seem to be pretty open minded Alisa, so let me ask you this, do you think in life we ‘have a purpose’ so to speak [it doesn’t have to be specific] or do you think that thing just kind of sort of happen? Not sure if that question makes sense as my mind is mush but hopefully it does.

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      • True:) I do think we have a purpose. I don’t know that we always truly know what that is clearly. I think though as people our job is to remain as open as possible and aware. I think when we are aligned, learning etc. purpose presents itself. I think there is many things at play and much more inter-connection that goes on than we are aware of. My thoughts on that lol. I listened to Maya Angelou speak once and she spoke to purpose and that we often think purpose has to be big, profound etc. but perhaps our purpose is to be kind because we are going to influence someone who is going to be that big person who changes the world but really the person who influenced them with kindness is just as important if not more. I liked the concept. Purpose and impact lives in all actions, small and big.

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      • That’s amazing to hear. It sure seems sensible to hear it like that. Kind of reminds me of ‘the little things’. Sometimes it seems we’re concerned with grand things, ideas/purpose/etc and we just forget to grow/learn little by little. Really like what you said because, ironically, yesterday had thought that perhaps the whole ‘little things’ mental construct that we’ve all learned is just that, a construct. And perhaps there are no little things. Perhaps everything is that opportunity and its just how/what we do that matters more than our conception of it. Who knows though 🙂 Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

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