I Will Be Here


Little soul

We arrive in this world as we were meant to be

Open and free


My eyes rested on tiny, beautiful you and I fell in love for the first time

In that moment I knew, I understood

This was love, it is what we are built to be and do

All of this, is all of you

Such delicate teaching

Your little hand rested in mine

Snap shots of forever

So deeply imprinted in my heart, inhaled and exhaled in every breath no matter the time or space

Your pure being and all the blessings you bring to me

The harshness of life so hard to understand

My heart not always able to make sense of and protect my most precious dreams

If I can’t do this for you, how can I do this for me?

My heart visits the day you were born and how you taught me about love

My faith is kept in that tiny hand I held, knowing no matter what life brings it always lives in you and me

Life will come with hurt, sadness and so much we will fail to understand

So much hard that it can stray you from who you are

For you my little girl, when the times comes

When you need me most

When life has made you feel lost from your true being and authentic self

My promise to you

I will be here to hold your hand

To remind you that the love you were born with is who you are

It is always there, never left and will always burn strong

I hold it in my heart in a precious place that I keep safe and warm

As you taught me the day your were born

It is always love that will set us free

~Alisa Hutton

14 thoughts on “I Will Be Here

  1. Lovely (: It reminds me of two books, one that am dabbling back and forth in, and one already read. In each letters are written to children about life and such. Your post reminded me of it. Very unique piece!

    It would be interesting to see what future generations will be able to see/hear/read if the Internet’s still around decades/centuries from now or if it hasn’t morphed into something else? The dynamic of reading people’s feelings and learning from others online holds a lot of value for society, and specially families.

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    • Thanks, Zy. It will be interesting in generations to come. I have friends who actually have email accounts for their kids (from birth) and write letters to them all the time, with little memories etc. Kind of beautiful I think. I do think there is a lot of value to it as well:)

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      • The email account idea is awesome! Never heard of that. Reminds me of my past, when unable to talk to a best friend [for whatever reason] I would call her and I would just talk – full blown conversations – through voice mail. She would reply and od the same. It was really neat being able to hear that . It’s literally an audio library of sorts. That’s the only person I ever did that with \: It seems many people just like superficial talk, or even emails. *Cringe*

        Those emails to children really is an awesome idea though. Will have to remember that if I’m ever so lucky! Thanks for the share.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome Alisa. Yeah, hadn’t thought about it for years to be honest. It’s interesting how certain things help the mind connect to others. (Was going to ask you if you’ve written lately but saw that you HAD in fact written one yesterday, so off we go! Ha.)

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