Dusted Words, The Book


I am proud to offer my first book of published work, Dusted Words. With much sincerity thank you for reading and supporting my writing. It has been tremendous and humbling and I am so very grateful  for the community of support –Alisa xo

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21 thoughts on “Dusted Words, The Book

    • Aw, Em thank you so much. This made me cry (not hard these days lol). I am really touched. This book, my poetry/writing represents so much for me. I think a journey that you have kind of been walking along as well so probably doesn’t need much explanation. I have shed so much and really stepped in to some uncomfortable stuff to get there. I kind of woke up today and had this big sense of “you are OK”. Hard to be eyes wide open at times but worth it.

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  2. You have done what I have wanted to do sometime in my life and are an inspiration certainly. How many poems did you compile…if I might ask. I have wanted to do just that but often find my lack of energy impedes my progress. I am on blood thinners after open heart surgery and they are not good if one is needing energy. Hope you are well and I continue to enjoy what you are writing.

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    • I believe the final count was around 70 from about a choice of 150. I had someone else chose the poems and order them for me. Hindsight but I wish I had chosen the poems myself as while there were some that maybe do not read as well they certainly held more meaning for me personally. I do hope you do find the energy and time to do this with your work. You are so talented and write so beautifully. I would love a hold in my hands book by you:) I hope you are well too and thank you also for your always incredible writing.

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