Pass The Salt


Poetic confetti tossed with brazen flare

Words pouring with the clarity of a smooth, Russian vodka

Ignore the bite, something so fine can do no harm

Watch my eyes

They will tell you everything you do not hear

Listen to my words

You will see nothing at all

Touch my lips

I share them with many

Reach for my heart so you can feel me pull yours out

Sorry…you left your light on and I tripped on your soul

I was looking for mine while lost in my dark

I thought you were special

My shiny new thing

Pass the salt

~Alisa Hutton

8 thoughts on “Pass The Salt

    • A friend was describing someone they had dated as a “shiny new thing”. It struck me as so odd, it kind of felt like we were talking about another persons emotions as casually as “pass the salt”. It has stuck with me for a while. I guess it is just human nature sometimes.

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      • Alisa, it kind of trivializes relationships, doesn’t it? Some men have done this for years, wanting “arm candy,” which is an insulting term. Our President-elect is one of those kinds of men. It has to be more substantive to last. Keith

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      • A false reflective. I like that phrase. If someone dates someone on the superficial, then when that luster fades as it always does, there has to be deeper bond than skin deep. To me, you have to like your partner as well as love them. Otherwise, you are just treading water. Thanks for the conversation.

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