It Never Was


Is love given wasted?

A question only the once received will confirm

Extension of trust monotonous?

Seemingly only answered when broken

In time lessons pass to bring humble understanding

An appreciation of what genuine love was

Only then will the true sadness be felt


It truly never was

~Alisa Hutton

39 thoughts on “It Never Was

  1. I’ve often wondered, looking back, is it that it never was, or that it never was enough and I just had no way of knowing until it was gone. Each love is different from the others — does that mean all but one weren’t really love?

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  2. I believe you can love many times in a lifetime. All are different and none the same but all are part of a path taken that makes you who you are. A rather old saying but true no matter what generation we are a part of, don’t you think? “It is better to have loved than to not have loved at all.” Thank you for sharing with your beautiful writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I read these lines and it brought about something one of my best friends said to me that I have carried with me for years since then…

    “Only then will the true sadness be felt


    It truly never was”

    “Tremaine, you love in a way that no one can ignore.”

    Now, when someone you love tells you that your love is that much of a force, it cannot be ignored, you start believing that and you start acting accordingly. If I have loved. I have loVed HARD and we both have benefited from it. When I have lost love, I have LEARNED from it. It’s a knock down, drag out kinda thing when it’s taking place, but when the crying is done and the cleansing moves in, loving again is definitely an option.

    I’ve no choice.

    This is solid writing here, Alisa~

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    • Love Is LOVE.

      It doesn’t wanna sit around unloved. It wishes to be shared. To be adored. To have chances taken on it in its honor. You cannot shelf up love, the moment you do, that’s when life becomes harder to deal. Why? Cuz you got all that love pent up raging to get out. You know how I feel about this. The heart is an amazing thing. The only organ I know of that can take thousands of beatings, yet still willing to love.

      Alisa, I love discussion pieces. This is definitely one of them.

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      • Do you know your heart also has memory just like your brain does and so does your stomach. Some geek facts:) It is why we have gut instincts and feel love and loss in our hearts. Which realistically the reason why the thought of falling in love scares some people so much. The sensation in both their heart and gut send off alarm bells of discomfort from previous loss. Which activates fear/anxiety in them about love. This is me scientifically talking myself in to love lol.

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      • I can understand all of that. It’s an amazing thing. But if I have to choose, I’m choosing to love every single time. After it all settles, I’m choosing love.

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      • I agree with you Tre. It is what makes life worth it. Arguably it is what life is about. I start spouting off facts about science when I am personally avoiding it:) I am on team love whether I like it or not lol. It’s in me.

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      • Well I definitely agree that this is true of some if not most people. But for others, they really don’t see it that way. For example for some being loved is not essential they just want to live and be treated fairly, for some they don’t want to be adored, and love isn’t essential or part of their every day. I’m just playing devils advocate ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I do think we place sometimes a bit TOO much emphasis on love. At times throughout life we really want other things, we really deemphasize love and we don’t all want to be adored and loved, we get weary of it, we get hemmed in and just want to live our lives. Maybe that is selfish, maybe not, but I know increasingly high numbers of people who really do not seek relationships, sex, commitment, family, children, etc. I expect this is a sign of a greater diversity of choice. Plus there are differing forms of love. Ultimately for me, I can only love so much, I cannot keep falling in love, it’s not refusal it’s just acknowledgement. In WW2 many women NEVER married again after their husbands died. I really admire that. I think love is not a merry go round it’s a rare and infrequent thing

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      • Lemme let you in on a little secret, you can love someone, truly love someone and it be pure as the heaven’s gates. Agape love, if you will. Love that acknowledges peace, serving, and understanding. No committal to sex, crazy relationships, etc. Just pure, clean, love.

        You’re always playing devil’s advocate. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Alisa, love is not always wasted, when not returned. Sometimes, loving someone or something gives purpose and can endure. Parents whose teens are less inclined to show love or affection or say I hate you in anger, are still loved and held close. I told one of mine in these moments, that how you feel about me does not affect how I feel about you. I will always love and you should know how important that is. As, someone who loves you will tolerate your imperfections better than someone who does not.

    I realize this was not the intent of your poem, which is beautifully sad and filled with love scorned anguish. I have cried many tears when a lover stopped loving me back. It hurts like hell. But, I would not trade the memory of the time together. Life is hard, especially when the love is never returned or you have been used. That is when you feel you have wasted your devotion. Please excuse the ramblings of an old father. Thanks, Keith

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    • Old father Keith:) I loved reading this. You always are so poignant and insightful in your thoughts. I very much appreciated you mentioned love related to your children. This sticks in me and you are so right. As you said it doesn’t make you love them less. This is important to remember with any person, any relationship. You are perhaps the father I always wanted:)

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