I I sometimes wonder if I read Alice in Wonderland too many times as a child. Perhaps too many rainy days spent outside as a 6 year old? In the quiet looking at the water rushing down the street creating great stories of wild, river adventures in my mind. While all the other kids were playing kick the can in the August heat there I was laying on my back in the grass forming animal shapes in the clouds. Watching neighborhood kids build tree forts while I sat on the cement contently drawing my pictures on scrap pieces of paper with my broken crayons.

Always observing, quietly watching. Not understanding it all but unbendingly curious. When life became noisy, felt unfair or hard I would make my own wonderland. Diving in to my vivid imagination full of color and magic. With a delayed blink I could transport myself to a wonderful place where the flowers grew better, the grass softer and greener, and the sky always bright blue with fluffy white clouds. Rainbows around every corner. Everyone smiled and was full of love in my wonderland. Hearts were so big and full you just had to stop and say hello to them.

With a delayed blink I can still transport myself there. I wonder, was it protective nature or early wisdom. Do we have imagination to make the world feel a little less lonely and harsh? Or maybe we have imagination because we are the people who are supposed to create a more magical world? Maybe we see it so others can believe a better world exist for them too?

Either way, I like my wonderland.

~Alisa Hutton

16 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. Love love love love this. We have imagination for many, many ways. Someone who speaks of this at length and got me pondering about the deeper aspects of this is an investigative journalist called Jon Rappoport. He harps on the importance, and how nowadays we’re taught to see imagination as something a child only uses. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Everything we’ve created as a society required some modicum of imagination. Furthermore, as in your examples, imagination is something that is vast, powerful and is endless. It can accomplish nigh anything, or anything. Its really a powerful tool when you don’t limit yourself.

    Imagination can provide joy, sanctum, solace, reprieve, and countless other emotions/ideas. And that’s the thing, there’s no limit.

    ANYWAYS! Forgive my tangent, its just that this topic is highly underrated in society and we as individuals need to keep using imagination as much as possible, as well as show what human conscious creative potential may accomplish with just a dash of imagination.

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      • Ah as usual my day went totally in another direction than expected and my Googlng was abruptly halted lol. *phft* Adult life:) Tomorrow, tomorrow…now I sleep! All though you have peaked my interest even more on this. If I can’t sleep I blame you lol.

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      • Hah! Touché [: Its all good. Completely understand what you’re talking about. If you’re like me, you probably wish you had more time in the day to accomplish a lot more. At least now its the weekend! Hope you are well and stay safe. Keep on writing!

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  2. Alisa, this may very well be the piece that gets my response when I do the backcatablog post for your site. Absolutely love this, and it takes me back, it probably takes many of us writers back to our childhoods. And *Breakway’s comments are stellar. Very glad to have made my way here to spend time with you this week and hope you will enjoy our cafe!


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