Watching the candle light flicker on her face

Shadows of illumination dancing in her eyes

Blinking only to create snap shots, moments of her perfection

Breathing her in deeply

Slowly absorbing her scent, drawn hypnotically up the nape of her neck for more

Never enough

Your relaxing lips softly mapping your way across her

Consciously aware of every breath, every beat

Her euphoric wash

The slow pouring of all your senses

Bodies entwined and curling in wrap

Limbs taking hold, ivy vines encapsulating souls

You cannot mistake her for momentary lust

She will feel different, special

As your world stands still

Time will drip with glorious slow precision

Her breathing regulates your heart

Never devour

Only savour

She comes with no beginning nor end


Heaven on Earth


Is love

~Alisa Hutton

18 thoughts on “She

    • As could I. Funny that? How I LOATHE small talk SO MUCH I cannot even acknowledge the neighbor this AM when pouring out water and so I hide behind a pillar like a plonker and wait for him to pass, and yet, I can write and write and write about things I do not deem small talk because they do not have the word BBQ or CHURCH or WEATHER in them and that makes me the snob he thinks I am, but that’s ok because he doesn’t know I didn’t change my underwear before going out

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