Her words walked with bricks and mortar

Posed and stiff

A ballerina without movement

Poetry asked her to dance

Exposed and frightened, her heart began to float with each new word

She was in love

Dancing with the poetry, she moved freely


~Alisa Hutton

Five Bucks

five bucks

Five bucks

For five minutes of fun

Fast and slick

Shiny and unchaste

Sleepless nights

Drowning in her pool of self-inflicted vacuity

A once undervalued little girl

Trappings of generational ruin

Carrying clandestine vacancy in her adult heart

Flickering illumination

Shadowed by ornamentation

If only she knew

She is worth more

She is not

Five bucks

For five minutes of fun

~Alisa Hutton


The Break of Dawn


I walked through the darkness with the faint whispers of her voice chasing me, turning me with panicked blind direction.

Sharp branches brushing against my limbs as a reminder of the isolation

I could feel my heart becoming weary of desolation

As the darkness broke a misty saddened fog set upon me

The heavy damp of the air gently danced on my lips, touches of a weighted nothing

The sound of her faint breathing romantically guiding me closer

A glimmer of what I felt in my soul, a deep passionate pull in a direction of vast open being

Endless valleys of aromatic flowers

A vision of a deep, magnificent sea that dances with the moon and laughs with the stars

A world of endless possibility filled with the sweetness of life

As fatigue and sadness collapse my body helplessly to the ground emptiness pours in to my soul

I raise my head one last time to see the break of dawn

Before me a valley of beautiful flowers

The sun ripples on the glistening waves in the distance

Then with the slightest touch of a hand on my shoulder, I know she who I was looking for was with me all along, she gently whispers in my ear….

~Alisa Hutton


Last Night



You visited my dreams last night

The same kind eyes and gentle voice I once knew long ago

We sat across from one another without the temperament of grief or distress sparring between our light

Flowing shared reliable tales of laughter and life

Like two small children

Free of the confines of our suffocating adult lives

No burden of loss weighing on our backs, preventing us from looking up

Giddy with excitement and giggles

A sadness washed over you as we paused to smile at one another

I am sorry

I love you

With the heart of a child

I forgave you

When you visited my dreams last night

~Alisa Hutton



She ran through the woods, ominous thoughts scratching at her sides

Chasing her spirit with cries of disparity

Surrounded by giants bellowing silence

Running deeper

No end, no familiar path

Swinging with unguided perception

Her lungs touched by the crisp air of her own fears

Shortening in pause, gasping for calm

Collapsing her weary knees, slighted hands and broken heart on the mossy ground

Enveloped by the giants

They gently whisper to her soul

Stand on our shoulders, rest your tepid heart

Just for now dear child, until you can see further

Stand on the shoulders of giants

~Alisa Hutton



Not This

not this

Waiting for the message that is rarely returned

I hear not this

My heart wanting  you to see me

I hear not this

The flowers I deliver put aside

I hear not this

Thoughtful gestures disregarded as simple expectation

I hear not this

Questions about me that are never asked

I hear not this

The how are you that is never spoken

I hear not this

Poems written that are accepted with a shrug and hey thanks

I hear not this

Constant wonder would she notice if I was missing

I hear not this

The most basic human decency seemingly absent

I hear not this

When the day comes

When the silence allows insight

When the quiet brings you back to your heart

When your eyes open

When you feel I am gone

I felt the worth of my heart and it was

Not this.

~Alisa Hutton

Love Her

love her

Love her

Love her because her mind excites you

Ask her questions

Love her because she makes you see colors with more brilliance

Shine brightly for her

Love her eyes and the depth they carry

Speak to her with them

Love her because you can’t help but watch her from across a crowded room

Never stop looking just because she isn’t

Love her because there is nobody you would rather sit in silence with

Feel her heart in that silence

Love her because her laugh is contagious

Make her smile as often as you can

Love her because her emotions run deep like the tides

Be there no matter how high or low those tides are

Love her when she is sick and love her when she is well

Bring her warm soup and fresh cut flowers

Love her because her heart is pure

Hold that heart with honor and delicacy because it is special

Love her words

Write her poetry and leave her love notes

Love her because her soul is kind

Speak to her with warmth and sincerity

If you truly love her, you must love her well

She is love, she deserves nothing less

If you can not love her this way,

let someone who can

Love her.

~Alisa Hutton

Her Bed

in bed

Laying in her bed

Rising from her lioness slumber

She stretches her long body with a relaxed caution

Sounds of today dancing through the window

The delicate scent of a fresh spring morning penetrating her soul, deeply inhaling her new day

Song birds reminding her of opportunity and innocence

Yesterday washed away

Quiet in her heart

Crisp white cotton sheets adorn her perfectly reckless body

Speaking no words she looks over to me

Behind her thoughtful gaze

A lifetime of stories that wrap around me with curiosity

Sitting with locked eyes

No space between us

I sit in this moment as it rushes though my being

I look in her eyes and know my heart has spoken

Laying in her bed

~Alisa Hutton



Beneath the Magnolia Tree

2016-03-31 19.28.43.jpgBeneath the Magnolia tree

She would sit on her perfectly weathered bench

Her eyes deeply off in to the distance buried in mazes of thought

A canopy of cascading white

Protecting her as if it was her own personal heaven

The sun dripping through the branches

The sweet fragrance filling the holes winter had left in her heart

I watched from afar

Wondering if she ever invited anyone in, would I be welcome

Her dark brown eyes pulled away from her gaze and rested on me for a brief moment

Almost as though she had heard my silent curiosity

She smiled

And I fell in love

Beneath the Magnolia tree

~Alisa Hutton